• Connecting Asian Business to Global Technology

    Renowned worldwide for their dedication to quality and innovation, Asian-based companies make ideal business partners. With our network spanning many developed and emerging markets, we connect businesses with relevant Asian-based companies for their business expansion.
  • one-stop solution for innovation & financing

    Our mission is to represent the interest of our clients in Asia, and to drive their competitiveness and sustainable growth
    through serving industry-specific needs.
  • Technology Scouting

    In today’s ultra-competitive and fast-changing business environment, innovation distinguishes the winners from the rest. But few companies
    have the time, resources and/or expertise to continually develop breakthroughs on their own.
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  • Services and Capabilities
  • Regional Focus
  • Asian Tech Scene
  • Governments Funding and Collaborations

Services and Capabilities

We help our clients to integrate into the Asian business and technology chains, attracting local investment resources to finance innovative industries and to facilitate the export of innovative products and technologies.

Marketing Strategies

Building an entry strategy or reviewing strategy in Asian market.

Business Assistance

Assistance for your business legal, marketing, operational, financial and project management needs.

Educational Programs and Events

Selecting executive educational programs, competitions, acceleration programs in the target markets. Selecting the most representative industry events.

Business Networking

Having a good network of connections in in Asia is the most important element of business success in this region.

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