Software Development

Development Lifecycle

The SDLC concept (Software Development Lifecycle) is a framework establishing activities of software engineering that are common for all methods of software delivery process.

SDLC provides the list of activities that mark out a direction for all team/project members involved in the process of software development such as: busine

ss analysts, system analysts, designers, programmers, testers.

Effective SDLC gives the members of the project teams, managers and project stakeholders an insight and the control of the projects. It raises the predictability of the projects, at the same time enabling the project teams to make accurate decisions that should bring them closer to the planned business goal.

Software Skills

Software developers are not all equal. At Ability Factors we hire and train the best of the best. Software developers at Ability Factors not only understand efficient coding techniques but can conceptualize the business challenge and devise creative solutions for the toughest problems.

Technology Expertise

In addition to a wide range of software application development solutions for web, desktop, we also offer software support, technical staffing, and strategic technology consulting.

Each of these platforms presents unique strengths and challenges. Systems can be built on a single platform or a combination of platforms. Many companies can and do build great Web sites but when it comes to building a secure data-driven application with a robust back-end, having a partner with experience beyond basic HTML is essential. This is especially true when integrating several technologies into one cohesive system.

Programming Language Expertise

Ability Factors has expertise in all of the modern enterprise languages including C# and Java. Additionally we maintain our skills with low-level languages such as C++ and C.

Database Design & Development

At Ability Factors we know that the strength of an application includes a carefully thought-out database design and implementation. The ability to build fast, reliable, and scalable Web sites and back-end applications comes from understanding the business problem and translating it into the best architecture, application and database design.

Our database design and development team has broad and deep experience with all of the major database technologies: MySQL, SQL Server, Analysis Server, LINQ and ORM.

Data Collection and Management

Developing an application that effectively collects and manages data should be easy but it is harder than it sounds. Data collection and management requires good design of both the application that is collecting the data and the database that is storing the data. Too often either one- or both - is overlooked.

Further complicating matters, it is common to collect a significant amount of data from employees in the field through tablets, cell phones and disconnected laptops. Security and synchronization are just two critical items that must be considered before building a data collection system

Data Mining

Data mining has several different applications that focus information by identifying key patterns and data clusters. In capturing and sorting more information, a company can learn more about customers' habits, decisions and their likelihood of response that in turn helps to develop strategies to increase the bottom line. Data mining has a wide range of applications across many industries.

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