Infrastructure Solutions

Technical and financial services industry expertise, knowledge of financial markets, various investment strategies, regulatory & compliance issues, deep knowledge of the hedge fund industry makes us uniquely positioned to design technology infrastructure for hedge funds and teams of independent traders to withstand closest scrutiny of regulators and investors and meet required cost efficiency. Our focus is on building long-term relationships and client satisfaction.

We offer

  • Full spectrum of front-to-end solutions, systems and software
  • Experienced and motivated team with diverse technology experience
  • Robust technology solution based on best –of-breed proprietary  and open source architectures

Once a hedge fund manager decides on what the organization need, we help to map technology blueprint with the budget, defining the required elements. The key step is the design of the technology footprint and finding the practical solution without sacrifice. The solutions we have designed are well balanced mixtures of in-house infrastructure and cloud-hosted systems, defining framework of services rendered by in-house staff assisted by carefully selected vendors.

We help to address operational and budgetary requirements, select operational and technology support, optimize cost, improve operational efficiency and manage technological risk.

Data and Process Map

Considering technology is a mere tool to support business processes revolving around the flow of data; we study our client to arrive at “Solution to Product” approach. First steps are:

  • Technology Infrastructure Audit
  • Map Business Processes
  • Review Application Landscape
  • Review Information Technology Integration
  • Conduct Computing Capacity Evaluation
  • Review Technology Refresh Management
  • Understand Business Continuity Planning and the driving forces behind
  • Assess Technology Services Management Maturity Assessment
  • Review 3rd Party Vendors and Contracts
  • Conduct Technology Risk Analysis based on statistical evaluation, modelling, six-sigma tools

Technology Framework

We design infrastructure based on the business drivers, effectively mixing compact or distributed, virtual and physical hardware platforms, fit-for-task operating systems, relational and non-relational and flat file databases to create robust solutions. Firm's Business model dictates the choice of hosted or cloud infrastructure, proprietary or open source design, scalable or single task oriented solution, re-usable or multipurpose architecture, asset life-cycle and capital investment strategy

Fault proof infrastructure design

We design sustainable infrastructure, searching for self-healing solutions, be it a file system security or using bit-to-bit disaster recovery thin client replication approach. We focusing on process transparency, supported by monitoring and logging, centralized configuration database; measurements to simplify crisis control management in multitier environment that includes:

  • Technical security around the infrastructure, digital monitoring
  • Sufficient infrastructure redundancy
  • N+1 infrastructure with multi-entry fibre paths, power grids and  multiple network providers
  • 24x7x365 monitoring applications and alerting

Compute-intensive Systems, Databases and Analysis Tools

Systems for high-performance computing, based on traditional or GPU architecture, Hadoop clusters, Data Rendering nodes; Storage Solutions. Custom platforms for data collection to construct marketing materials with complex style and peer analysis, to attract and keep investor allocations

Rebuilding Legacy Environment

Legacy environment is expensive. The vast portion of inefficiency in technology infrastructure comes from the necessity to maintain a legacy environment, or the cost to redesign it. It takes strong political will and stakeholders support to change.  Experience shows that final savings are very much worth the effort, resulting in cost-efficient, robust, error-prone, lean and scalable infrastructure.

Whether we deal with a new business or a legacy environment, the first step is to assess business needs and model a solution against operational risk considering cost factor. The most practical solution will be based on thorough assessments of business realities: budget, hard deadlines, non-negotiable requirements.

Regulatory Risks

It is paramount to confidently demonstrate to regulators and investors that the firm has required transparency and robust infrastructure. Often it is not only about architecture design but also about the ability to prove this in easily understood language and with numbers at hand that the technology is up to the required standards. We design LDAP services according to the firm business structure and information flow model, we design file system security with transparency of access permission structure making sure that all the bases are covered by:

Logging and Monitoring

  • Ensuring that technology operations are audit ready, establishing sufficiently complete monitored environments with the ability to retrieve and analyze event trails


  • Ability for the firm to supply electronically stored information upon request, including documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, instant messages (IMs) according to requirements but not exceeding required storage time.

Data Protection

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery are two distinct complimenting technologies. At the bare minimum, backing up critical information at least daily to an off-site location, and the ability to recover that data in sufficient time
  • a firm’s disaster recovery plan must be focused on the steps and systems necessary to quickly recover a firm’s mission-critical services and applications

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