Wireless Tags

RFID and Bluetooth4 are a set of technologies that enables you to identify unique products, assets, people and animals automatically and wirelessly. These technologies can be used to make a wide range of processes more efficient, secure and effective. The technologies are used in a wide range of processes and applications suh as logistics,stock control,remote focus,fuel management, security, animal management, produce processing and much more.

 A basic RFID or Bluetooth4 system always consists of an RFID/BT4 label, an RFID/BT4 reader (antenna) and a system for processing the RFID/BT4 data.

Key Features
Low cost
Tested and implemented
Latest technologies
Easy to use and deploy
Superb range
Data analysis tools




Our tags support a wide range of cattle management processes and application such as:

Identification: Sophisticated identification system, helps the farmer reliably identify each cow.

Separation & Control: Separate cows or ensure controlled routing to any desired location in the barn.

Milk Yield Recording: This system provides you with exact data regarding the milk production of each individual cow.

Livestock Behavior: Management Tools

Concept: The growing usage of computerized dairy management systems, combined with sensors attached to animals or build in feeders or milk lines, opens new opportunities for automatic routine monitoring of dairy cows behavior. Daily behavior monitoring enables to recognize deviations from the stable behavioral patterns of the animals.
There is a vast amount of information on appetite loss due particular diseases, health problems or stress. These and other warning patterns can be picked up by automatic monitoring tools.

Design Goal: Our solution is designed to give ensure livestock monitoring is easy, precise and effective. Real-Time alerts and notifications help the farmer by enabling him to decide timely which animal to direct for vet inspection or what must be improved in farm management.

Historic information is kept at both the animal and the herd level to support a wealth of health and status reports.

Backend Architecture: Real-Time incoming data feeds are organized captured and stored in databases. The data then follows 4 mediatory steps where it is cleaned, classified and analyzed for useful patterns and business information. The end results is made available for requests by end user application through a rich API. The mathematical models used in the process are extendible and can be optimized over time to achieve higher predictive accuracy.

Features:The behavior management tools are a set of applications built to help the framer process the real-time data that is constantly coming from the tags. The applications provide the framer with valuable alerts, notifications and reports.

Heat Detection
Health Monitoring
Irregular Feeding Detection
Herd Level Analytics
Historical Record Keeping
Historical Reports



To solve the serious problem of water waste for agricultural irrigation. A few ground braking irrigating systems have been developed by combining GIS with RFID technologies. Using visualized management system that display the irrigation conditions in a specific area and the quantitative information of the water consumption, the farmer has complete control of the irrigation process.

Precise Water Distribution: Using RFID tags he system monitors soil condition like moisture and temperature underground to allow optimization of water supply per location.

Water Flow Measurement: Fine tuning the water distribution through real-time active measurement of water flow.


Nana Engineering can provide custom tailored solutions. The current technological infrastructure supports a wide range of sensors including:

A/D Input measurments
Temperature sensor
Moisture sensor
Accelerometer sensors

Sample Case Studies:

Colibri Spindle
Colibri has selected Nana Engineering to implement RFID tags on its high performance spindle solutions to monitor real-time speed (RPM). These tags were subject to the industry standard quality assurance measures and are exported as a single product all over the world.

Peacock Security Products
Peacock has selected Nana Engineering to integrate RFID tags into its security alerts and notification systems. The tags alert the system of any change in location, so that the system can provide a real-time solution.

SCI Fuel Management Products
SCI a leading provider of wireless automatic fueling systems has selected Nana Engineering to integrate wireless tags into its anti theft refueling and alerts systems. The tags alert the system of any anuthorized fuel dispensation and shut down the fuel pumps all in real-time .


The Key to Safer, Fresher Produce:

Every day, millions of tons of temperature sensitive goods are produced, transported, stored or distributed worldwide. For all these products the control of temperature is essential. The quality of these products might change rapidly, when inadequate temperature and relative humidity conditions vary during transport and storage. Thus, the major challenge is to ensure a continuous ‘cold chain’ from producer to consumer in order to guaranty prime condition of goods. 

RFID technology can be best realized when integrated with decision support systems. Also improving operations by providing early warning of equipment failure and a predictive maintenance tool, improving energy management, providing automatic record-keeping for regulatory compliance, eliminating personnel training costs or reducing insurance costs.